Performance Program


The Performance Program is a recreational program designed to give youth the opportunity to remain active, gain confidence, and DANCE! The program encourages students to push their limits physically and creatively though music and movement. The goal of this program is to prepare for the Recital at the end of the year. 

There are five different age categories for this program which include: 

Performance 1 - 5+

Performance 2 - 7+

Performance 3 - 9+

Performance 4 - 12+

Performance 5 - 14+

Preparatory Program

The GRDA Preparatory Program is for dancers who are looking to receive high quality, intense training. This program gives the dancers an opportunity to participate in more than the recital at the end of the year. It is meant to prepare students for ballet exams, auditions, representing the studio at community events, and selected groups may be asked to participate in competitions. 

There are five different age categories for this program that include: 

Mini - 5+

Junior - 7+

Intermediate - 9+

Teen - 12+

Senior - 14+


Dance Styles


The Ballet program offers well-structures classes which develop good posture, movement quality, coordination, balance, musically, and sense of line. Ballet is an important for all other dance forms. We offer both R.A.D. exam classes and recreational classes. To participate in exams the student must be enrolled in the Preparatory Program and be recommended by their instructor. 


Jazz offers students a fun and energizing experience. The classes consist of warm-ups, stretches, isolations, and progressions across the floor. Jazz dancers will develop skills such as coordination, balance, rhythm, posture, spatial awareness, and music appreciation.


Contemporary and Lyrical are styles of expressive dance the combines elements of several dance genres including modern jazz, and classical ballet. The dancers strive to connect the mind and body through fluid dance movements. Versatility and improvisation are stressed in Contemporary and Lyrical dance, unlike the strict, structured nature of Ballet. 


Tap dance uses toe and heel taps on the bottom of the shoe to strike the floor and create rhythmic beats. This genre teaches musicality, rhythm, and a sense of creativity. Learning different styles and Tap history, students will gain a wide knowledge of all things Tap and musical. 

Hip Hop

Based on fun and stylistic dance moves students will thoroughly enjoy this fast paced class with moves that will challenge their coordination abilities and skill. The class will incorporate conditioning, movement across the floor, breakdance, and weekly combinations. 


Acro dance is a style that combines classical dance technique with acrobatic elements. Students enrolled in this program will be learning from a certified Acro instructor. The class will include strength and flexibility training, partner training, tumbling skills, and progressive Acro fundamentals. For the safety of the students, mats and other Acro equipment will be used in class. 

Triple Threat

This program introduces all things Show Biz! Dancers will be able to experience the combination of dance, vocals, and acting to become a triple threat.