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Recital Location: E.L. Fox Auditorium
(21 Meyer Drive Guelph,ON),
Recitals are usually held in the third week of June.


Grand River Dance Academy provides students with an exciting performance experience through its June recital –the annual staple of the Academy. It’s a rite of passage for thousands of youngsters, a chance to shine in front of family and friends that they anticipate with nervous excitement. The recital offers our students a professionally directed performance that allows them to present to their families and friends the results of a year’s hard work, dedication, and progress.

A big part of the dance training process includes learning through performance. The experience helps build self-­esteem, self­‐assurance, and contributes to a sense of confidence. Although performance opportunities can help prepare some students for a possible career in dance, they also contribute to children’s success in non-­dance activities. That onstage experience can result in better in-­school presentations, improved social skills, and strong interview skills for future college or job opportunities.

The rehearsal process is a tremendous learning experience as well. It helps the children develop retention skill, and by working with their classmates on a group performance, they learn the positive aspects of working as a team to create the best end result.

Dedication to recital commitments is the responsibility of both students and their parents. We have created this section in an effort to clarify what we expect in terms of commitments and responsibility to the annual recital, the studio, and other students and parents.


As the season progresses, additional recital information or updates will be posted on the GRDA bulletin board. Make it your responsibility to be up-­to­‐date with this important information. It’s a team effort; students, their parents, theteachers, and the director are key players in the success of the show.


To ensure that students feel confident about their performance, we ask parents and guardians to encourage them to rehearse their recital choreography on a regular basis.


Recital fees go towards recital expenses. These expenses are: rental of the hall, any applied taxes, props, cross‐border duties and costumes, technical expenses, tickets, programs etc.


We spend many hours determining the correct costumes for each class. They are always age-­appropriate. Costumes will be distributed once paid for. Additional costume expense may apply if the initial expense exceeds the recital fee. Additional charges are the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian. Costumes are either purchased through costume/dancewear catalogs, bought locally or need to be made.

The G.R.D.A. is always pleased to have parents who know how to sew help volunteer with costumes. If you are able to help sew costumes, please inform an instructor and fill out the volunteer form at the back of this handbook as soon as possible, as costumes are usually organized late December/early January.


Hair and makeup instruction will accompany the costume.


The recital isn’t a one-­day activity. Gather all costumes, accessories, shoes and makeup several days in advance so you’ll know if something is missing or isn’t right.

Make a checklist of your child’s routines, listing their costume, tights, shoes and any accessories, and refer to it to make sure you have all your supplies before going to the theatre.

  • Bring at least one extra pair of tights of each color, also bring extra hair supplies.
Other handy extra include:
  • Unscented baby wipes (to fix makeup mistakes or wash hands)
  • Baby powder (for itchy costumes)
  • Clear nail polish (to repair minor holes or runs in tights)
  • Safety pins (for emergency costume repairs)
  • Your pain reliever of choice
  • Band-­Aids (the “invisible” kind)


The dress rehearsal allows the students to become familiar with the auditorium surroundings and feel comfortable with their performance, costume(s), and being onstage. Lighting, music cues, set changes, and all other logistics for an organized and professional performance are rehearsed so that the students make the best impression possible.

Participation in the dress rehearsal is mandatory.

We strive to run an organized and timely dress rehearsal; your help with the process will guarantee a professional production.

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to dress rehearsal; all dancers must sign in at this time.

All junior classes will be run prior to the finale.

A schedule will be posted on the GRDA bulletin board 1-­2 week’s prior rehearsal.

Only parent volunteers and volunteers may remain as dress-­rehearsal guests.


Student must respect other students’ space and property in the dressing rooms. The students will spend more time in the dressing rooms than onstage or in the auditorium, so please do your best to keep them organized and clean.


The safety of all dancers is the Academy’s number one concern. We ask for the parents or guardians patience with drop-­off, sign in and pick up. Parents or guardians should bring the students to the sign in tables, where they will be checked in and placed under the supervision of a class mom(s).

Dancers will remain in the dressing rooms with their class moms during dress rehearsal and the recital when they are not onstage.

Parents are not allowed in the dressing room after the children have been checked in for the rehearsal and the recital.

Please be advised that only one parent/guardian is asked to pickup their dancer after the shows. This is to limit the amount of traffic in the dressing room area.


Family members and friends do not belong backstage or in the dressing room during rehearsal or the recital. The same applies during intermission and after the show. There is a lot of backstage activity in a limited space, and dressing rooms are a private area. Please remind your family and guests to be respectful of these areas.

Those who wish to greet a performer after the show or present flowers should do so in the lobby areas.


Class photos usually are taken 2-­3 weeks before the recital. Look in newsletter and on the bulletin board for dates and times.

It is EXTREMELY important to attend Photo Day. Please make every effort to be there for the class photo.

Arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled time. Wearing an oversized button down shirt overtop of the costume will help avoid makeup/food or spillage on the costume.

If you are having difficulty with doing hair and/or applying makeup, please inform the instructor and arrangements will be made to have someone assist your dancer on the day of the photo shoot.


Tickets will be available to purchase on photo day. Tickets can also be purchased following Photo Day at the studio during class time and at the door on the day of the shows. Please check bulletin boards for more information.


Any one interested in volunteering to help backstage is welcome. A volunteer form is required and is included in this handbook. There will be an orientation for all volunteers, and all must abide by the policies set forth by Grand River Dance Academy.

The recital weekend is a hectic experience; all volunteers must work in a cooperative manner at all times. Our backstage manager’s work very hard to put a system in place that works; we ask that all volunteers rely on their experience and follow their instruction.

All volunteers will receive an identification badge at the dress rehearsal, which must be worn in the theatre at all time.

Please do not bring guests, including children, with you while you are volunteering.


All full year G.R.D.A. students participate in our year-end performance. The recital deposit covers costumes and recital fees. The amount of the cheques will be calculated as follows:( $82.50 HST included) X (# of classes/week)

If the costume cost is greater that the deposit, the amount owing will be payable upon receiving the costume. A post-dated cheque dated for November 15, is required at registration.
If the student is enrolled in more then 3 classes, the amount may be divided into 2 instalments.

* The dance recital is usually held the third weekend in June. If a student cannot attend either Friday dress rehearsal, Saturday afternoon or evening performances, they may not participate in the year-end recital. It is important that they attend all performances.

** 10 week course classes will not participate in the recital unless otherwise stated.


DVDs of the June 2018 recital will be available early August.
Contact the Front Desk Manager to order. (pre-payment required)