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We will be accepting registrations throughout the summer and we will also be at the Elora Arena and the Fergus Arena for fall leisure show registrations.

Registration fees apply to summer and fall registrations only. Recital fees/deposit will be required at registration. (see Recital page).


Cash, cheque and credit card payments accepted.

Postdated cheques or payment in full must accompany the registration form. Cheques should be made out to the Grand River Dance Academy. Post-dated cheques must be dated for the 1st of every month.

Payment plan: Monthly instalments up to 12 months dated 1st of every month (July 1, 2017 – June 1, 2018)


Any student taking multiple classes a week will receive a discount on all of their classes. Discount will be calculated at time of registration * Discount is not applicable to 10 week courses.


The 1st family member with the most classes will be rated the same as above. Subsequent family members will receive a discount on all of their classes. * Discount is not applicable to 10 week courses.


$50/hr, to be arranged with the teacher.


NSF cheques will be subject to a $30 service charge. A second NSF cheque will result in cash only payments.


Refund deadline every year is November 15 for full year classes. If a student wishes to withdraw before the deadline date, only the classes taken will require payment for services rendered. After this date, however, fees and recital deposits are non-­‐refundable. No refunds for 10-week courses.


The G.R.D.A. reserves the right to remove any student(s) expressing inappropriate behaviour towards staff, self or other dancers.

Appropriate consequences that are fair and logical will be applied first, but if the behaviour is very serious, the home will notified, and dancer will be asked to leave the class until the nature of the incident has been resolved.

Any student coming to class not wearing the required class attire may be asked to sit out, as it may be dangerous, distracting and/or disrespectful.

When in the studio please respect the facility (NO jumping on the furniture, climbing on the ledges or writing on the walls) Students caught disrespecting the facility are responsible for compensation for any damages or destruction thereof.

Parents and/or guardians are requested to notify the studio when a child is absent due to a communicable/infectious disease.


Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class. It is important that your child attends class every week and is on time. Good attendance is imperative. Absences and tardiness not only hold back the individual student, but can hold back an entire class.

If a student has missed more then 5 classes in a row they risk the possibility of not participating in recital.


Being on time for drop off and pick up are extremely important. With the exception of the Intro to Dance, Pre Primary Ballet and Primary Ballet, our classes are 1 hour long. So please allow enough time to change before and after class. For the safety of all students, I encourage students to wait for rides within the double door entrance of the building, instead of outside the premises.

For the safety of all the students I encourage all dancers to wait for rides within the double door entrance of the building, instead of outside the premises.

Drop off and pick up of the older students should be done in front of the studio entrance. Parents of younger students are requested to accompany their child to and from the studio for their own safety.

Students are asked not run in the parking lot. Students are asked to wait in the main entrance until their ride has arrived.


Parking is available behind the building and selected areas around the fence.

Parking is prohibited along the side of the building and in front of the fenced gate directly across from the entrance of the studio. For the safety of the students, drivers are asked to please be aware of students entering and exiting the studio at all times.


With the change in the weather conditions, please be sure to remove all wet footwear AT THE SIDE of the doorway. We have had problems with students leaving shoes and boots directly in front of the doorway making it difficult to enter and exit the foyer. Please leave your boots/shoes on the mats provided to eliminate footwear congestion and wet dance shoes.


We have decided to take our dance swap online. If you are looking to sell, purchase or swap any dancewear please go to our Facebook page “Grand River Dance Buy, Sell or Swap”.


In the event of inclement weather, the director will make the decision to close the studio. It is important that all staff and students can safely arrive and lave the studio. It is the studio’s policy to make the greatest attempt to contact and make everyone aware of the cancelled classes. The decision to cancel classes will be made prior to the beginning classes unless the weather conditions worsen over the evening.


  • In inclement weather conditions, every effort will be made to contact each student ahead of time if classes that evening will be cancelled.
  • A cancellation notice will be left on the Grand River Dance Academy FACEBOOK page.


Updates will be posted on the bulletin board, for students, parents and staff.


Please remember to check current newsletters for other valuable information. Newsletter can also be emailed to you for your convenience. Please be sure you are on our emailing list.